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Dario et la Diablesse: A Caribbean Musical

By Sasky Louison and Darryl Joseph - Dennie

Similar to mermaids and vampires, the Caribbean is filled with its very own mythical creatures. La Diablesse is one of them. She hangs around the local rum-shops and dark, lonely corners, awaiting her unsuspecting male passerby.

Legend has it that she is a female devil, so beautiful, that men, who lust after her, fall into a trance, following her deep into the forest, until they are lost forever. La Diablesse is said to be clad in a long flowing dress and broad brimmed hat, used to hide her soul-less eyes. She has one human foot and one hoof which she hides beneath her long dress.

It is rumored that stories like these were concocted by Creole- Caribbean women to scare their husbands into being faithful and not speaking to beautiful women hanging around places that they - the men - frequent. It is also rumoured that husbands concocted adventurous stories of how they got away from La Diablesse, when trying to answer their wives questions about their suspicious whereabouts.

Dario et la Diablesse: A Caribbean Musical, is a story with a twist. Instead of harming Dario - her prey- La Diablesse falls deeply in love with him and is willing to do whatever it takes to be his wife... even if it means becoming fully human. La Diablesse however, must convince Dario’s stern yet eccentric grandmother that she loves her grandson. La Diablesse must also convince her father - the Devil - to not steal Dario’s soul.

The musical is filled with the sounds of the Caribbean namely drums, steelpan, soca, calypso, reggae, extempo, zouk, jazz and R&B. It is poetic, filled with prose and a good laugh for all. It is safe to say that Dario et la Diablesse: A Caribbean Musical is a cross between Once On This Island and The Little Mermaid.

The playwright Ms. Louison, who is also creole believes in Dario et la Diablesse: A Caribbean Musical and is certain that if given the opportunity, it may very well fall into the ranks of Disney’s The Frog Princess and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton.

Although there are some dark -yet truthful - aspects to this musical, it is masked with comedy, colour and music. It is for everyone. Young and old, families and friends, Christians and non-Christians alike. It is culturally unique yet comprehendible for all. The main theme is love, forgiveness and mercy. Three very important gifts one can give and receive. A lesson for all.  


Sasky Louison, playwright

Darryl Joseph – Dennie, composer and music director

Mentoring Creative Team:

Richardo Keens – Douglas, script dramaturg, director

Mark Cassius, music dramaturg, mentoring music director



Denise Williams


Workshop Dates:                              Virtual Presentations:

July 6-8, 13-15, 20-22                               TBA


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