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The Storyteller by Kathleen Mills

Performances July 7, 8, 9, 14, 15&16, 2023

Rehearsals will be June 19-July 6, 2023

Casting Auditions (Self-Tape) are due April 22, 2023

Callbacks will be May 6 & 7, 2023

Submit at


In a village at the base of a mountain spring comes every year on the same day, when one storyteller braves the climb and brings a story to the Goddess at the top. It is the coldest winter yet and it looks like spring may not come this year, when two strangers arrive and the world is changed forever.


Our show explores themes of growing up, community, and how we can support those in our lives who need us. It is appropriate for all ages.


Ana- (She/Her) Ana is an optimistic but anxious young woman. She loves stories and secretly dreams to be a storyteller, but she lacks the confidence in herself. She is kind to others and learns that her kindness is one of her strongest qualities.

Lily- (She/Her) Lily is a fierce and brave young woman. She dreams of adventure, danger, excitement, and something new, but she's stuck in a town where nothing changes. She is Ana's best friend.


Sawyer- (Any pronouns) Sawyer is a musician from a distant village travelling the world with their best friend Axel. They are trying to find their voice in their music, but no one has believed in them before.


Axel- (Any pronouns) Axel is a self proclaimed "brilliant inventor." They travel the world with Sawyer trying to find somewhere that will appreciate their inventions. While they seem aloof and a little rude, they are just looking for somewhere to belong.


Narrator- (Any pronouns) The original storyteller, the narrator guides the audience through Ana’s story, writing as they go looking for the perfect ending.


Goddess- (Any pronouns) The all powerful Goddess who lives at the top of the mountain. While she has become an uncaring legend to the village, in reality she is a gentle soul who is in need of a friend.


Chorus- (Any pronouns) The chorus serve as townspeople, the mayor, other storytellers, musicians, a snowstorm, and anything else the narrator or the characters can bring to life with their stories. They are full of magic and mischief. The chorus can range from 2 actors to 15! They are full of character and work best as an ensemble

NOTES- The only specified pronouns in the show are Ana and Lily which have been written as women. Every other character can be played by anyone of any gender identity! This was a purposeful choice as often in the musical theatre canon there are not enough roles for gender minorities.


Summer 2023

Carmen by Georges Bizet

Summer Opera Training Program:

July 24-August 20 2023


August 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 & 20 2023

Role preparation, diction classes,

Masterclasses (Acting Through Song and Audition Preparation)



Submission Deadlines (Headshot and Resu) are due March 31, 2023

Auditions will be April 15 & 16, 2023

prepare 3 opera or related arias in different languages

Candidates living more than 300 km from the Toronto GTA may submit video recordings, but in-person auditions are strongly recommended

Fees: $650 CDN $500 US (Principles)

$325 CDN $250 US (Chorus)

Submit at


Following a highly-successful summer program featuring The Marriage of Figaro, No Strings Theatre and Opera by Request will be partnering once again with director Gregory Finney for a summer production of Bizet's Carmen, sung in French, with the original spoken dialogue rendered in English.  Other performance opportunities will include a recital and cabaret show, and rehearsals will be supplemented with several masterclasses.  In addition to Mr. Finney, instruction will be offered by Denise Williams (No Strings Theatre) and William Shookhoff (Opera by Request), as well as artist-mentor Ernesto Ramirez and guest instructors Marcia Whitehead and Julie Nesrallah.  


The program runs from July 22nd to August 20th.  Rehearsals and classes will initially be held in Toronto, with production week rehearsals and performances taking place at the MVL Stable in Adjala Ontario, near Orangeville.

Roles available are as follows:

Carmen:  mezzo-soprano or soprano

Don Jose:  spinto tenor

Escamillo:  baritone

Micaela:  soprano

Frasquita: soprano

Mercedes: mezzo-soprano

Dancairo:  baritone

Remendado: tenor

Zuniga: bass

Morales: baritone

Lillas Pastia: spoken

Guide: spoken

Chorus and children's chorus

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