Dates and Details

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DATES: July 3 – July 29, 2018

DURATION: 4 weeks
TIME: M – F  9:00 am – 5:30 pm
LOCATION: St Matthew’s United Church, 729 St Clair Ave, Toronto


JULY 27-29, 2018


 with music and lyrics by Charlie Smalls

In addition to rehearsing the show, the program will include:
  • • individual and groupin vocal instruction
  • • dramatic coaching, scene study & character development
  • • dance instruction
  • • performance masterclasses
  • • audition techniques (repertoire, monologues, preparation, presentation)
  • • exercises and tips for performance anxiety
  • • technical work behind the scenes
  • • guest seminars on ‘the biz’ (agent/producer/celebrity)
Creative Programming – In small groups, students will create music theatre vignettes for in house and community presentations

PROGRAM: Dance, drama & vocal classes, devised theatre, performance master classes and vocal coaching, business seminars, production rehearsals, culminating in 2- 4 fully staged performances of our featured music theatre show.


  • • Participants must bring their own lunch or money to buy lunch from one of the many restaurants in the area.
  • • A refundable deposit of $30 will be collected for the use of any original scores and will be refunded upon the return of the scores in good condition
  • • A non-refunable registration fee of $75 will be charged. For cancellation policies, See Terms and Conditions

Other Pertinent Information

Class Descriptions & Activities

Audition Preparation – Each registrant in the program participates in auditions to guide them through the process of auditions, followed by contructive feedback, and to cast them in suitable roles for the production.

Vocal Class – group vocal warm-up, relaxation exercises, breathing, projection, range, musical style, Alexander technique, individual coaching & group rehearsals.

Drama Class – theatre exercises and games to develop performance technique, staging and blocking basics, improvisation classes, character study, scene study.

Dance Class – review of dance moves, sequences & call directions, movement style and sequences indicative of choreography for the show.

Performance Masterclass (vocal) – students have the opportunity to perform material of their choosing and receive feedback from an industry professional.

Seminars – character development, audition techniques, performance anxiety, choosing appropriate repertoire, monologues, vocal care, the biz, behind the scenes. A theatre guest will be invited.

Creative Workshop -students create and share music theatre vignettes based on a chosen social justice theme involving research discussion and a creative consensus progress.
Rehearsals and Staging- students in collaboration with the director will develop the characterization and staging for the show.

General Schedule

Weeks 1-2 will involve vocal, dance, drama workshop classes by the directors and/or associates, performance masterclasses by invited industry guests, music rehearsals for the show (music director), individual vocal coaching (music director and voice coach), large group choreography rehearsals (choreographer and associate), and creative workshops. The daily schedule will feature 40 minutes each of group drama, dance, vocal, and 1 hour of creative workshop classes, music, choreography, and well as staging rehearsals as well as 1-2 audition preparation masterclass(es) per week (given by a guest industry professional), and a presentation of the creative workshop.

Weeks 3 will feature staging rehearsals for a fully-staged and choreographed presentation of the show for full-time students. Staging rehearsals will be in rotation with ongoing individual vocal coachings and choreography rehearsals. Students in the weekly and part-time programs will partake in all ongoing classes, audit the staging, standing in role for absent performers and aiding in behind-the-scenes work. 1-2 seminars from guest industry professionals will also be included in this section. Sometime in the program, the students will present their creative projects to a community organization. The week days may be extended and Saturday rehearsals may be added.

Week 4 will be extended technical rehearsals, concluding with 4 performances at the theatre. A wrap party will follow the last performance with the distribution of participation awards and recognitions.

No Strings Theatre‘s 
Signature Summer Music Theatre Intensive
Ages 12-21
Whether you are an aspiring musical theatre star or a social musical theatre enthusiast, No Strings Theatre‘s Summer Music Theatre Intensive will challenge each student to be the best they can be whilst working cohesively as a collaborative ensemble. Through which vital social and practical skills are harboured: team-building, public speaking, forward-thinking, creative constructive thinking; and life-long friends are cultivated.
Artistically, students will flourish with workshops in solidifying fundamental musical theatre techniques:  Acting Through Song formula, Alexander technique, scene study intensives, singing coaching, audition prep and etiquette, seminars, song and dance exploration and a masterclasses with top industry professionals.
The training and fun culminates with a staged performance, through which students will learn the practicalities and etiquette of mounting a professional musical theatre performance complete with  character building rehearsals in song, movement and scene.
Stay tuned for 2017 season pictures!
2016 Season: Little Shop of Horrors (Menken and Ashman)
14231950_1250011448366083_6912370670685228942_o 14324112_1250011101699451_538693283873967589_o
We welcome emerging artist interns (aged 21-30) who desire to gain more hands on experience creative, design, production, or administrative assistants or associates.
The program is led by internationally acclaimed theatre maker, Patrick Maubert who’s most recent credits include Soloist with the 12 Tenor European tour, “Love in the Past Participle” London’s Tabard Theatreand “Another Day” which won South London’s Art committee’s award for innovative urban culture and multi-disciplinary theatre making.
DATE: July 4 – July 30, 2017

DURATION: 4 weeks
TIME: M – F  9:00 am – 5:30 pm

PROGRAM: Dance, drama & vocal classes, devised theatre, performance master classes and vocal coaching, business seminars, production rehearsals, culminating in 2- 4 fully staged performances of our featured music theatre show.