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Denise is able to coordinate large numbers of people with ease, respect for their individual requirements while maintaining a high professional standard. Her attention to detail, both logistically and artistically is beyond reproach. I sincerely hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Steve Wilsher
Stunt Coordinator | Stunt Performer | Stunt Rigger at Film & TV

Denise worked with a wide range of voice types, ages with incredible ease and formed an enjoyable professional experience with No Strings as the artistic director. I recommend her for both private vocal coaching and her company No Strings to any person seeking a professional theatre and/or vocal experience.

Kearyn Vos

Stage Manager

It has been my pleasure to have been associated with No Strings Theatre, as mentor, collaborator, and simply audience member, for a decade or more. From my first association with the organization, I have been impressed by its diversity and inclusivity, in terms of participants, program content, and audience outreach. It has been extremely gratifying over the years to witness new talent, nurtured by No Strings
Theatre, achieve unimaginable success in the professional theatre world in southern Ontario and beyond. The creation of new work by some of its participants has achieved wide-spread recognition among directors, producers and performers. Throughout my association with this organization, I have never ceased to be impressed by the combination of kindness, encouragement, and professionalism
bestowed by its director, Denise Williams. Those of us, like myself, who have also acted in a directorial capacity from time to time, have striven to live up to this example. I look forward to the continued success and ongoing achievements of No Strings Theatre.

William Shookhoff
Founding Director | Opera By Request

Working with No Strings Theatre for my Directorial debut was nothing short of a dream. The support given to me as both an artist and administrator was almost more than one could ask for. Denise Williams and her team provided a safe, nurturing space for myself and my artists to explore Mozart's Nozze di Figaro. The environment created by Denise, her team at No Strings Theatre, along with their partnership
with Opera By Request was extraordinarily successful in combining artists of all skill levels and backgrounds. The seasoned professionals were still challenged in their art, and those artists who had zero operatic experience were able to perform a complete role in a fully-staged opera in less than a
month. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to share my directorial debut with No Strings Theatre. It was an experience like no other, and I am thrilled at the possibility of future collaborations.


Gregory Finney
Director | 

No Strings Theatre supported me to develop not only my skill as an actor but also to create new community and friendships as a newcomer. I joined an emerging artist program in the summer of 2016 which was a few weeks after I first arrived in Canada to pursue my musical theatre acting career. I had no
friends nor family in Canada but No Strings Theatre became my new family and helped me to begin my new journey. I have now recently graduated from the Randolph College for Performing Arts and am a professional musical theatre performer in Canada.

Emi Yasuo
Graduate | Randolph Academy

I was incredibly fortunate to receive a scholarship from the No Strings Theatre company, and had the opportunity to learn from amazing teachers and have my musical theatre debut in the production of TheDrowsy Chaperone! Everyone at No Strings Theatre is so passionate about what they do and willing togo above and beyond to help their students reach their full potential. I am now studying for a Bachelor's in Health Sciences, and although I am not pursuing a career in the arts, my experience at No Strings has undoubtedly cultivated discipline.

Sarah Kang
tudent | University of Toronto, Medical Student

The verdict on No Strings Summer Music Theatre Camp? From the frrst day to the last: "Best Camp EVER!"
My daughter loved every day at No Strings: she felt both challenged and respected; she made new friends, some of whom she will see next year in high school; and she loved the opportunity to put on a full-scale music theatre production, and was very proud of the result!

As a parent, I was delighted that the camp was everything it was advertised to be. The participants were challenged at their own level, and the camp gave them insight into the practices of the professional theatre world. Information coming from the camp was helpful and reliable. And best of all, at the end we enjoyed a terrifrc performance!

It was a treat to see just how engaged each of the performers was during the show. It was clear that they all enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun along the way.
I hope No Strings continues to offer this terrific program - there's really nothing else quite like it!

Catherine Marjoribanks
(mother of Mary Askwith, 2008)



"This is the best camp ever!"

"One of the best experiences in my life .. I will never forget the people here."

'This camp has been a life changing experience. Thank you for everything."


"From my heart and my mind, I thank you"

''Thank you for being such an inspiration! What a great team! Thanks for giving me the role of a lifetime and the guidance to do it as I hoped to."

"I made true friends at No Strings Theatre. I learned teamwork and character development and I couldn't have had more fun. I would recommend it to anyone."

'This camp is the centre of my inspiration to keep on achieving my dreams and goals, and to be open to new experiences and opportunities."

''A great experience! ... l leamed so much and have left a changed person"

"I have discovered my love for music theatre; I can't think of a place outside of No Strings where all of this could happen"

"I have had such an amazing experience here! I am so happy I chose to come. I was so lucky to have an experience like this and to meet such wonderful people. Thank you."

"My time at No Strings has been amazing. All of the teachers are amazing, patient and willing to help. Some of my favourite activities during the camp were improvisation class, practicing our dances and vocal run-throughs. All of my fellow campers were all so kind and energetic. They defrnitely added a lot of fun to my time at No Strings."

"My time here has been so inspirational ....... I really don't want to leave .... we've all grown so close ..... leaving .... it's almost impossible. Here I learned how to improve my singing and dancing. Here I feel so happy and the support is so strong! I love everyone here and I will NEVER forget them."

No Strings Theatre

Participants and Alumni

After last night's second successful production of Bye Bye Birdie, I just had to write you all a note of congratulations.
As someone in 'the biz' I know how hard it is to mount a production like this with professional adults, but you all managed to do it in under a month with mostly untrained kids! Teenagers, no less-and you all survived!! You are all so very talented.

It was a wonderful show with some great performers and some very excellent moments and always 100% from the heart. The effort was at all times very professional.


On a personal level though, I must thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It has done wonders for my son Mickey.
it was Mickey's frrst involvement with anything like this.
For a boy with high-functioning autism to have been chosen for a lead role and then perform it with such conviction, superb comic timing, dancing and singing for the frrst time as a soloist....we/1 it's just a bit short of a miracle.

Most people who don't know Mickey couldn't even tell that he was autistic. Some people who are experts in the freld who happened to be in the audience also couldn't tell ! ! !
He was up there having a total blast and the time of his life.
He was joyful and sunny and unbelievably gratifred by the audience reaction. He has been making much better eye contact and his face to face interaction has been much
greater in the month he's been rehearsing with all of you.
I could see that the other kids treated him with affection and respect as did all the staff. This is what is so wonderful when there is a unity of community, and that is almost always true in a theatregroup,isn'tit?

There were tears in my eyes many times during both shows, but they were tears of pride and delight. Thank you all for making me weep in this way. Mickey's Dad, Howard, shares all these sentiments too.

With gratitude

Cindy Raskin, "Mitchell" Slapcoff's mom
Howard Slapcoff, "Mitchell's" dad , 2006

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