No Strings Theatre’s work and donations are dedicated primarily to mentorship and education. Heading into our 12th season, we are proud to sport a roster of alumni now in or completed performing or production related college/university programs in top Canadian, US, and European institutions.





Thanks to your support, we had a wonderful season this past year with performances of Little Shop of Horrors by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, and The Great Canadian Show Tune, featuring music by Canadian composers Leslie Arden, David Warrack, Tristan Hernandez, Tyler Check, Colleen & Akiva, Kevin Wong, Garry Williams, Noah MacDougall, Lezlie Wade, and Daniel Green.
Our summer workshops were mentored by a dynamic creative team and industry associates including Victor Young, David Lopez, Leslie Arden, David Warrick, Kristen Pottle, Thomas Alderson, Maya Killtron, Lara Solnicki  and most of the composers listed above.
Not to mention our highly successful Urban Outreach program and partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Durham,providing drama and creative workshops towards the goals of confidence building and collaboration skills of their teens.  We were pleased to be able to invite them to one of our showings of Little Shop of Horrors.
We plan a fabulous season, this year focusing on the work of our Canadian musical theatre composers in honour of Canada’s  sesquicentennial.  Our summer Youth Intensive (ages 12-21) will present The Drowsy Chaperone by Greg Morrison and Lisa Lambert and for our Emerging Artist Performers (age 19-35),  we are thrilled to have the permission of a few Canadian composers to further develop one their works in more complete format.  Stay tuned for updates on what works we will plan to do in 2017 and our performance debut with the Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra!
We are really really doing it folks and it is so enlightened to see our pre-teens, teens, and emerging artists continue to thrive and grow BUT to be honest, we are doing it with excessively limited funds.  Our professionals are supporting us because of their belief in our mission to aid youths to develop through the arts.   Their budget is less than what is costs us to rent spaces, promote, etc.   It seems unfair for artists and arts organizations to continue this financial compromise and struggle to make ends meet.  Well, we are really not making those ends meet well enough and we need your help more than ever this season to support our plans for these Canadian presentations we hope to be able to produce, and in particular, our emerging artists who desperately need a forum to exercise their art, make contacts, and begin to support themselves as they branch out from their formal post-secondary training.
Your offerings are welcome any time of the season.
Our charitable work opens the doors to all.  You cannot imagine the impact our programs have made to the development of many fine young people.



Why is this important to No Strings Theatre? 

Times are getting tougher and tougher for the arts and, in particular, accessibility to arts engagement for youths.  No Strings Theatre is calling out to our growing community and supporters to help us maintain this quality program (currently, the national best of its kind).  Your continued thoughtfulness through your gifts to No Strings Theatre during every campaign that we’ve had has helped to keep us afloat.  Don’t let the Great Canadian Giving Challenge be any different.

How can you help?
Consider making a donation of any amount to No Strings Theatre Today!  Donations of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Why support No Strings Theatre?

1. Our productions build the confidence of our youth, develop their positive identities, provide opportunities for them to discover commonalities, and create a supportive network for their futures.
2. We strive to develop the next generation of performing arts talent.  We take pride in our youth for being extremely hardworking, committed and dedicated to creating a positive and lasting impact in the performing arts and their communities at large.
3. We rely on your support to create unique productions of music theatre that will inspire you, our youth and our community.  Exploring and bringing inclusive and diverse narratives to our audiences is at the heart of what drives our team at No Strings Theatre.
                                                                  4. No Strings Theatre extends beyond the training of performing arts skills.  There are many youths and young adults who through our volunteer and internship opportunities, gain skills in office management, finances, accounting, fundraising and marketing and much more.  Our outreach extends across economic, cultural and other barriers and challengesthat our young people face today.
5. It’s the Great Giving Challenge!  Why not support us and help us to win $10,000,  Your gift can make a true and heartfelt difference.


Join our campaign today
and help us to realize our goals for this 2017 summer season!

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Thank you for your continued thoughtfulness 
through your gifts to No Strings Theatre!

No Strings Theatre is a not-for-profit registered charity in Canada, registration number
80104 2409 RR0001.

No Strings Theatre needs a home to operate our classes!

Your donation dollars will assist us to make it happen as well as maintain our quality programming in bringing professional artists to all learners regardless of economic status.

Gifts of $25 and over will be issued an official tax receipt.

Help Toronto’s youths to grow in their artistic
skills and skills for life!







Consider becoming a member of one of our Artist’s Circles.
All donors will be invited to an annual appreciation event.

Your dollars can go towards sponsoring:

1 Masterclass Clinician ($150)
1 Specialty Costume ($250)
One Week Camp Space ($400)
6 week Summer Program Space ($1800)
Costumes/Emerging Artist’s Salary ($2500)
Rehearsal Venue (4000+),Theatre Venue ($7500+)

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    For donations up to $99, you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount and be recognized in our show programs unless anonymity is desired.

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    For donations of $100 to $499, you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount and be recognized in the MANAGER’S circle animity is desired.

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    For donations of $500 to $999, you will receive the benefits of the Manager’s Circle PLUS an invitation to one of our dress rehearsals.

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    For donations of $1,000 to 1,999, you will receive the benefits the Designer’s PLUS a VIP greeting at a Gala Show and behind the scenes tour to one of our events.

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    For donations of $2,000 -$4,999 Congratulations you have bought yourself into the show! You will receive the benefits of the Director’s Circle PLUS a cameo appearance in one of our shows.

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    For donations of $5000- $9,000 you will receive the benefits of the Producer’s Circle PLUS an invitation to a cast party.

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    For donations of $10,000+ , you will receive the benefits of the Executive Producer’s Circle PLUS a luncheon meeting with the Artistic Director

Donor List

Performer’s Circle

  • 2012-13
  • Antoinette Ankrah
  • Annie Antonenko
  • Corrinne Flitton
  • Br Ravi Dutt
  • Lucky Entertainment
  • Maxine Finkelstein
  • Yanik Giroux
  • Ms. Dianne A. Johnson
  • Adrian Lee
  • Dr David Needlands
  • Stephen Perry
  • Deborah Pothiers
  • Andrea Rutty
  • Charlie Sise
  • Valerie Springer
  • Julie Ward
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Anonymous Donor
  • 2013-14
  • Alness Consulting
  • Mignon Anthony
  • Hany Assaad and Lorraine Tinsley
  • Irene Atkinson
  • George Barber
  • Florence S. Bell
  • Valerie Burke
  • Joseph Carrato
  • Julie Choi
  • Michael Crabb
  • Corinne Flitton
  • Michelle Harris
  • Marilyn Hintsa
  • Gillian Humphreys
  • Ronald & Margaret Jewell
  • Ms. Dianne A. Johnson
  • Suzanne Legault
  • Christina S. M. Li
  • Benjamin A. MacDonald
  • Robert Morais
  • Joy Nedricksmith
  • Alex Perelgut
  • Ella Poret (NYMF)
  • Jeannette Richards
  • Dr Paula Walshaw
  • Daryl Williams
  • Michael Williams
  • Paulina Williams
  • Gloria Wilson Gomez
  • Diana Dell Wolfson

Manager’s Circle

  • 2012-13
  • Jeff Baker
  • Ann Campbell
  • Alexander Crawley
  • Faeron Trehearne
  • Tita Griffin
  • Dr Patricia Howard – In Memory
  • Ledgley Law
  • James Meade
  • Jae Hwa Park
  • John Picchione
  • Eulalie Walling-Sampson
  • Paulin I Watson
  • Pearl Woods
  • Anonymous Donor
  • 2013-14
  • Danielle Amoroso
  • Joyce Bankroft
  • Mary Kate Bull
  • Charlie and June Cannavicci
  • Louise Davies
  • Joelle Fareau-Weyl
  • Hurlle Hope
  • Jonathan Marler
  • David Neelands
  • Robin Pacific
  • Bramwell Pemberton
  • Jennifer Schroeder
  • ProVoce Studios
  • Lorne Shelson
  • William Shookhoff
  • Robert Sprague
  • Ian Walker
  • Pauline I. Watson
  • Charles and Kathleen Williams
  • Mr & Mrs Conroy Williams
  • Anonymous Donor

Designer’s Circle

  • 2012-13
  • Dr & Mrs Frederick McIntosh
  • Anonymous Donor
  • 2013-14
  • Dr Douglas Lane
  • Ms Kumari Sade
  • Anonymous Donor

Director’s Circle

  • 2013-14
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Blennerhassett
  • Wordplay Creative Services
  • Fr Glentis Samuel
  • Anonymous Donor

Producer’s Circle

  • 2014-15
  • Wordplay Creative Services

Executive Producer’s Circle

  • 2012-13
  • Gerald T. Miller
  • 2013-14
  • Anonymous Donor

Artistic Director’s

  • 2012-15
  • Voices of Colour Music
  • 2014-15
  • Anonymous Donor