For this, the sesquicentennial celebration, No Strings Theatre Presents a season comprised entirely of Canadian music theatre. Tyler Check and Tristan Hernandez’s Liam: The Musical is a life affirming musical looking at autism through the adventurous lens of a teenage boy. This is they next developmental staged performance through No Strings theatre’s new music theatre making initiative and was first heralded last season in NST’S The Great Canadian Show Tune at the Wychwood Theatre, Artscape Wychwood Barns.



Subject: LIAM CASTING Attn: Patrick Maubert

Rehearsals: August 7th-24th (with Tech)

Runs: August 24th – 28th Wychwood Theatre, Artscape Wychwood Barns

Fee: Profit-share, Non-equity

Auditions: June 26th, 2 pm – 7:30 pm





Character Breakdown

Liam: (Tenor G5–A5) An 18 year old boy with severe autism. He is non-verbal, in a wheelchair, and has a difficult time communicating to others unless he has his laptop to type on. Liam has a very vivid and wild imagination and when he is alone on stage he can speak to the audience just like he is an average person. Liam loves make believe, especially stories involving knights and princesses.


Patrick: (Tenor G2-Bb5) Father to Liam and husband to Christine. He is your average working class man. He works as a mechanic and is hard on himself for not being able to always understand Liam or provide Liam with everything he needs.


Christine: (Mezzo C3-D4) Mother to Liam and wife to Patrick. Works as a server at a restaurant but has not worked in several months as she has needed to stay home to help take care of Liam now that he has finished high school. She is very protective of Liam and has a very special connect with him through the daily routine that they share everyday as well as the medieval fantasy stories that she reads him.


Lance Donovan: (Baritone G2-G5 or Mezzo, range dependant) A fabulously slimy television personality who is only focused on ratings and success. Host of “The Lance Donovan Show” an extremely popular daytime talk show filled with only shock value teasers and sob stories. Driven entirely by ego and fame. Open to exploring gender fluid casting.


Doctor Damian: (Baritone D4-G5 or Mezzo, range dependant) The head doctor at Harmony Grove long-term care facility, a government funded support home where Liam eventually goes to live. Dr. Damian is very unconventional towards the patients and runs a very tight ship. Their coldness and strict ways are due partly to the frustration being stuck running the group home and partly to the frustration with the lack of government funding to support the venture.. Open to exploring gender fluid casting.


Logan: (Baritone G2–G5 or Mezzo, range dependant) A 20 year old who has lived at Harmony Grove for a year and a half before Liam arrives. Logan has Asperger’s and quickly becomes friends with Liam. Logan loves Liam’s stories and the two both fuel each other’s passion and imagination. Open to exploring gender fluid casting.


Keevy Watts: (Soprano B3-G5) A 16 year old girl with autism and severe anxiety. She carries a princess doll with her at all times for support and comfort. Keevy finds Liam’s stories very comforting and looks up to Liam.


Cameraman: (Tenor G2-A5) A condescending camera man that works on “The Lance Donovan Show”.


Makeup Girl: (Mezzo G2-A5) An incredibly rude makeup girl that works on “The Lance Donovan Show”.


Doctors/Nurses: (Alto/Soprano/Baritone/Tenor) The staff that work at Harmony Grove long-term care facility. They also struggle with the fact that they want to help the patients but do not have the proper funding to cover all of their needs. Male and female ensemble.


Patients: (Alto/Soprano/Baritone/Tenor) The patients that live at Harmony Grove long-term care facility. Most seem very set in their routines with little desire for any excitement or improvement. Male and female ensemble.

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